Honoring George McAneny

Family Portrait of George McAneny

Grandfather of the Subways. Savior of old buildings. Patron of beauty and sensible design.


George McAneny may be the most influential New Yorker you never heard of.

During his five-decade tenure at the forefront of civic life, McAneny helped give our region the original Pennsylvania Station, introduced modern planning and zoning to Gotham, and played an integral role in establishing the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

To the infamous Robert Moses, McAneny was “an extinct volcano” and “an exhumed mummy.” But to the countless New Yorkers who now endure crippled subways, soulless “supertalls,” and a politics beholden to the moneyed interests, McAneny provides a beacon of inspiration to light our path forward.

During this 150th Anniversary Year of George McAneny’s birth, join us as we honor his critical legacy and spread the word about how to move Gotham forward!