About Us


Standing Together to Honor George McAneny.

The Friends of George McAneny first convened in 2017, and is an informal alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to carrying forward his legacy during this anniversary year and beyond.

Our members include:

Kay Ciganovic

Great-Granddaughter of George McAneny

* * *

Gail Addiss

Dr. Samuel Albert

Barbara Applebaum

City Club of New York

Edith Hsu-Chen

Geof Huth

Lucie Levine

Shirley McKinney

New-York Historical Society

Bob Pigott, Esq.

Dr. Jon Ritter

Frank Ruchala

Arvind Sindhwani

Charles Starks

Howard Teich, Esq.

Adrian Untermyer

Brad Vogel, Esq.

Nancy Voll

Jeffrey Werner, Esq.

John Werner, Esq.

Anthony C. Wood

Jillian Youngblood